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Artist Quotes #2 - Deepen the Mystery

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Francis Bacon (1561 – 1626) was an English philosopher and statesman

What did Francis Bacon mean when he stated that “The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery”? His statement has been thought to represent a larger philosophy and notion of creativity, with art as a medium allowing us to explore and discover the Human experience.

On a basic level, art serves as an outlet for self-expression. Artists use their works to communicate their innermost thoughts and emotions. It can be argued that art brings order to chaos, manifesting something meaningful from the intangible. Art can give individuals the tools to make sense of their lives, to take control of their feelings and survive.

However, art can also be used for exploration. It allows us to experiment without consequence and to look for answers. It appeals to curious minds, pushing people to think outside the box and dive into unknown territories. This is closely related to Bacon’s view: he wanted artists to encourage viewers to embark on their own journey, open to interpretation but focused on self-exploration. This kind of mindset helps foster creativity, free thinking and meaningful connections between people and ideas.

Bacon likely saw art as source of knowledge and education. He wanted viewers to use it for philosophical reflection and develop a personal bond that has nothing to do with words.

Art provides windows to our internal world, helping us to understand, appreciate and even complicate life. By deepening the mystery, artists help us become more conscious of our place in the universe and all the beauty it contains.

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