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A photo of Thomas Seybold in 2023

Artist - Eugene, Oregon

Thomas Seybold is an accomplished artist with over 25 years of diverse creative experience. Throughout his career, he has ventured into various artistic domains, including graphic design, illustration, fine art, and digital asset creation.

Thomas's artistic journey has been greatly influenced by his upbringing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and his time spent in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Currently residing in Eugene, Oregon, he draws inspiration from the beauty and culture of the Pacific Northwest.

While Thomas has thrived in the sanctuary of his studio, delving into deep introspection and creative growth, he now embraces a new direction. His current focus lies in breaking free from the metaphorical vacuum and stepping into the spotlight. Recognizing the value of visibility and marketability, Thomas is eager to share his artistry with a broader audience.

You can expect to see more of Thomas as he embraces social media and participates in local festivals and events. With a strong passion for perfecting his craft, he is dedicated to producing original pieces that leave a lasting and compelling impact. Explore his diverse portfolio and join him on this exciting artistic journey.

"A better tomorrow is always worth fighting for. No matter how dark the night, dawn always comes. We must never give up on our dreams and never give in to despair." -BellaSims

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